Math Links




Addition and Subtraction

Math Magician

Math Magician 2

Speed Grid 1

Speed Grid 2

Speed Grid 3

Subtract to Win a Million

Sum Sense Single Digit Subtraction

Subtraction Machine

Ghost Blasters 1

Ghost Blasters 2


Two Times Tables – Cover of Rude by MAGIC!

Three Times Tables – UpTown Funk Cover

Four Times Tables – Blurred Lines Cover

Five Times Tables – We Can’t Stop Cover

Six Times Tables – Cover of Cheerleader by OMI

Seven Times Tables – Cover of Cups Song by Anna Kendrick

Eight Times Tables – All About that Bass Cover

Sum Sense Multiplication

Math Magician



Whole Numbers

Finding Place Values

Identifying Place Values

Reading Expanded Form

Make The Largest Number You Can

Place Value To Thousands

Place Value To 100 Thousands

Guess the Number

The Place Value Game

Place Value Games

BIG Numbers

Patterns  (Challenge!)


Comparing Fractions


Decimal Games

More Decimals

Adding Decimals


Perimeter and Area

Shape Surveyor

Area and Perimeter


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