Language Arts Links


Top 100 Words 1-51

Top 100 Words 51-100

Spelling City

Author Spotlights

Chris Van Allsburg

Roald Dahl


Graphing Website

TVO Kids Timetrackers


Autobiography in Five Short Chapters by Portia Nelson
Acrostic Poems
Create-A-Graph to Bake Your Family Pie
Behind the Name: The Etymology and History of First Names
The Timeline of my Life: Interactive Timeline Creator
Soundtrack of my Life: Create a CD Cover

Presentation Options:
Smile Box
Xtranormal Animated Video

emaze online presentation creator

5 Websites for Creating your own Comic

Underground to Canada Novel Study

Life as a Slave Links:

How Slaves Lived
History of Slavery in the United States

Kids History: Underground Railway

Underground Railway: Code Words

National Geographic (may need to download sandstone first)
National Geographic: Underground Railroad

Harriet Tubman

Brain Pop Slavery

Brain Pop Underground to Canada

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