Celebration of Learning

Our Celebration of Learning will take place on the evening of Thursday, March 19th. Families are invited to sign up for a 20 minute block between 5:00 and 7:00pm.  Conference Manager will be open until March 17th). During this time, students will lead their parents through a number of subject stations to celebrate some of the great learning that is happening in our classroom!  You can access conference manager to book a time here:  https://mikemountain.schoolsoft.ca/login.jsf

We have been working very hard and I am proud of the growth these students have demonstrated throughout this second reporting period and do not need to meet with every family at this time. Parents and students, I will send an email if I am requesting a meeting with your family. If you do not receive a request for a more formal interview (to be held on Friday, March 20th) but wish to meet with me to discuss your child’s learning and set goals for our final term together, please feel free to sign up for a Friday time slot or contact me by email to set up a time. Thank-you!

Week of January 12 – 15

Welcome back!  We had a busy first week and are ready to dive into the rest of January!  Students, please continue to come to school dressed for the weather, although it will be cold, it is looking like we will be outside for a number of recesses this week.


Wednesday is a special day as it is a spirit day! Students are encouraged to dress in school colours and bring their best spirit because we will have a fun competition at our assembly taking place in our gymnasium at 12:30.


Sneak Peek at the Week:


Language Arts:

This week we will introduce our next novel study: Underground to Canada.  This novel focuses on slavery and is set in the United States in the mid 1800’s.  There will be discussion around some difficult topics including the treatment of slaves and the hardships they endured while living in slavery as well as escaping to live a life of freedom. The author, Barbara Smucker, paints a detailed and realistic picture for her readers; students may experience some emotion as they begin to understand the lives of slaves.  Students have always learned great gratitude while reading and may come home with extra hugs for their parents because they have a nice home to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat and comfortable beds to sleep in. It’s an incredible read, one students will likely not forget, and I can’t wait to share it with them!

This is also a big week because we will be kicking off our Word Work Adventure  (WWA)  Students will be placed in groups according to what spelling skills need to be developed and will be monitored as they move through the lessons to see if their group best suits their abilities. Students will be bringing home a note that will outline the details of how the program will work and how to support scholars as they work to become better spellers! Parents, please read, sign and return the note to school as soon as possible, and let me know if you have any questions.

A great way for students to practice their words at home: http://www.spellingcity.com/grade5PV/

I continue to see growth in a number of students with their multiplication facts!  It is clear that some students are working on these every night as their scores and times are improving dramatically. Keep up the hard work!  Over the next few weeks we will continue our word on transformational (movement) geometry in which we will translate (slide), rotate (turn), and reflect (flip) 2-D shapes.  We will finish this unit off by working with 3D objects and their attributes.


Social Studies:

Breezy has been a busy beaver,  traveling all over our great country, and the postcards are rolling in! We are enjoying them as we read about the places, locate them on our map and determine which region of Canada they are located i

Week of December 15 – 19

Good evening folks!


Happy holidays, everyone!  We have quite a jam-packed week planned in grade five with many special events taking place.  Here is a brief schedule of the events:



  • Carols begin in the gym at 8:30. With their partners, students will begin work on their Chris VanAllsburg final project today.  They have an hour on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday complete all work so they are ready to go on Thursday morning at for our grade five gallery walk.



  • All choir and handbell students are away at 9:40 to perform at Extendicare.  The bus leaves the school at 9:40 for a 10:15 performance.  (Choir Dress Code:  Red, green or white tops, dark pants or skirts or Christmas fancy.   No Santa hats.)
  • Carols at 12:30 where our Handbell Choir will be performing. 
  • Don’t forget our evening ‘Magic of Christmas Performance’ for all choirs, including handbell choirs, on Tuesday, December 16th at 6:30 p.m.  Family and friends are welcome to come and enjoy!  (Choir Dress Code:  Christmas Fancy)



  • Carols in the gym at 8:30.
  • Final preparations for gallery walk.



  • Chris Van Allsburg Gallery Walk from 8:50 to 9:40.
  • Jumanji/Polar Express films from 10:30 to 11:30.
  • Swimming at Max Bell pool in the afternoon.  We leave the school at 12:40 and will be picked up at 2:40.  We should be back at the school just prior to the bell.
  • HUGE thank you to the families of Lexie , Natalie, Brookie, Brooke, and Brennan who have graciously volunteered to drive for this grand adventure!  Much appreciated at this busy time of year!


Needed in a bag for swimming

Bathing suit


Brush (optional)

Goggles (optional)

Toque to put on head so head does not become gigantic icicle



  • ‘Dress Like Christmas’ Assembly, including choir performance and carols at 8:30!
  • Jumanji/Polar Express films from 10:30 to 11:30.


Christmas Snacks for movie

Muffins – Kylie

Muffins- Natalie

Fruit-  Rhyse & Brooke

Juice-  Lexie

Thanks so much to these families for supplying snacks for this event!


And finally…  It has been a stellar start to grade five and I have loved getting to know the children in this room. They are a super group!  I am feeling pretty blessed to be their teacher this year.  If I don’t get the opportunity to see you, have a warm and wonderful holiday season.  See you back at school on January 5th!




Week of November 17 – 21

Housekeeping Items and Reminders:

Report cards went home at the end of last week.  Students spent some time engaged in reflection on their own learning and ‘writing their own report card’ before taking a sneak peek at their actual report card on Friday morning. Students will then be asked to explore and compare the marks they were given and identify areas of which they are proud and areas they wish to focus on as they set goals for next term.

Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences:

Conference Manager is open for booking until Thursday, November 20th.  If you haven’t already signed up for a conference time, please follow this link to do so:


I look forward to meeting with parents and students to celebrate learning and set goals for the rest of our year together!

Hot lunch will be taking place this Wednesday!

There will be no school on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning

La fete de Sainte Catherine:
A special guest, our district’s French language liaison, Madame Hawkins, will be joining us on Tuesday, November 25th to explain the festivities surrounding la fete de Sainte Catherine and we are looking forward to all the gooey fun! If you have a passion for making candy (or not:) and are available that afternoon, please let me know, we can use your help and we’d love to have you! Your scholar may also be volunteering to bring in an ingredient or some of the equipment needed; we ask that all items be at school on or before that day and that they be labeled so that we can get them all back to their owners (and in the case of the food items, if we don’t use it, we’ll send it back!) Merci beaucoup!

Sneak Peek at the Week:

Language Arts:

Students have begun the pre-writing stage of their autobiographies and may have some questions for you as they go through the process of collecting information about their past and present.  They may be asking about their time of birth and their birth weight and length.  They have also been encouraged to ask about funny baby stories.  After their pre-writing has been completed they will be composing three paragraphs.  One paragraph for each their past, present and future.  We will focus heavily on self-editing, peer-editing, and student-teacher editing to refine and polish our written work.  Beginning in early December, students will have the oppotunity to present their three paragraphs (or more if they chose) in a presentation.  They have been encouraged to start brainstorming.  Need ideas?  Check out the 100 Ways to Present sheet that will be sent home early this week!  Also, there may be some cools links and ideas under the L.A. tab at the top of the blog.


Last week we focused on estimation skills using front-end rounding and compatible numbers to estimate differences.

For example, using front end rounding:

5 203 – 2 873 is about 5 000 – 3 000= 2 000.

To estimate 3 821 – 1 773 using compatible numbers:

3 821 is close to 3 773, so 3 773 – 1 773 = 2 000. (Or 1 773 is close to 1 821, so 3 821 – 1 821 = 2 000.

Check out the estimation lesson at
Math 5 Live

Students will be using these strategies to find sums and differences in order to check the reasonableness of their answers. (For example, Fred says he will only have 5 000 potatoes left if he starts with 9 000 and gives away 400. Is his answer reasonable? How do you know?)


Social Studies:

Last week we completed our very first ‘scavenger hunt!’ Not only are we learning very interesting information about the Atlantic Region of Canada, our scavenger hunts are teaching us great skills in skimming for information and looking for clues to find answers. Students are understanding the importance of using titles, headings and extra features in the margins of the book (i.e. Words Matter) to help guide their search as well as reading captions and interpreting graphs, charts and maps! This week students will set out in pairs to complete a scavenger hunt through the region!

It is official! Breezy the Beaver will be hitting the road this week!  We can’t wait to see where he travels to from the postcards he sends back!

Week of October 6 – 10

Housekeeping Items:

It is hard to believe that the first week of October is upon us!  This has been a busy, fun-filled first month.  These grade 5 scholars are proving to be kind, caring, and hard working!

The countdown is on to our Corn Maze field trip!  Thank-you to those parents who are able to drive students and lend a hand as our students get lost!  Students are enouraged to dress appropriately!  It may be chilly!


Wednesday, October 8th – Parent council meeting at 6:30 PM in the staff room – All are welcome!

Friday, October 10th – Corn Maze

Monday, October 13th – No school (Thanksgiving)

Tuesday, October 14th – No school (District learning day)

Peek at the Week

Language Arts

 In our review of strong reading strategies, we’ve already practised predicting (both before we read and while reading), visualizing what is happening as we read (creating pictures in our minds), and questioning.

It is clear we have some great ‘word explorers’ in our classroom, as many students conquered the ‘Top 100 words’ and then the ‘Top 16 Trouble Words’ test last week! Scholars will receive their tests back in class on Tuesday and individual students will be quizzed on the last few tricky words that are stumping them.

This week we will officially begin our autobiography unit in which students will have a variety of opportunities to express themselves.  We are starting off by capturing who we are right now and creating time capsules!  We are going to include lots of information about ourselves and then lock them up tight until next year.  We will then explore ways to express and describe ourselves over the next few weeks through two poetry writing activities – an acrostic poem and an autobiographical poem.  Also, expect your scholar to come home this weekend with a family tree homework assignment due next Wednesday when we return to school.


We are looking forward to introducing probability through a variety of experiments this week. Students will be using words such as impossible, possible,and certain, to describe the likelihood of a single outcome and words such as less likely, equally likely, and more likely to compare the likelihood of two possible outcomes occurring.

Feel free to explore probability from home using the following links:





How are the math facts study going at home?  I am encouraging students to focus specifically on multiplication with regular practises in the hopes of increasing a) accuracy and b) speed. Students are beginning to understand that accuracy is more important than speed and that with greater accuracy, speed will follow.  Students will be given a check-in quiz on Tuesday for their 0-6 times tables.  Then, we will be moving on to the eight times tables with a focus on halving and doubling.  For example:  8 x 6  I know that half of 8 is 4 and 4 x 6 = 24 so 8 x 6 is double 24 which is 48.

Social Studies

It is very clear that these little scholars have been familiarizing themselves with the location of Canada’s provinces and territories. This week we will focus on identifying the capital city of each province. Please encourage your scholar to prepare at home for a quiz on Thursday to make sure that they can do the following:

– Match the name of each province or territory with its capital city.  No word bank will be given, so you have to know the names from memory.

–  Know where each province and territory of Canada is located and be able to label them on a map of our country.

– Correctly spell the names of all of Canada’s provinces, territories, and capital cities.  Be sure to use capitalization where appropriate!

Week of September 22 – 26

Housekeeping Items

A Leadership Opportunity

As the oldest students in our school, the Grade fives have a number of opportunities to volunteer and lead.  This past week we began being student helpers in the classrooms of grade one and two students during the eating portion of the lunch break (our class does it on Tuesdays). Almost every student in grade five has stepped up for this opportunity, so we were forced to draw names to establish the first round of ‘helpers’.  A new round will take place after Christmas to give as many students the opportunity to participate. Student partners will go out for their regular lunch recess and then eat their lunches with their assigned grade one or grade two classes and be available to help in whatever way they can (opening packages, helping tidy etc.). Our classroom is full of wonderful leaders and the Grade one and two classes have expressed their appreciation!  What a great opportunity to help out the younger people in our school!

Grades 4 and 5 Hot Lunch – Wednesday, September 24th

* Just a reminder that hot lunch for Grades 1 – 3 students is the day before (September 23rd)

Terry Fox Walk – Friday, September 26th

We will be gathering together with Dr. Probe and Nicholas Sheran Schools on Friday, September 27th to walk in honour of a great Canadian, Terry Fox.  33 year ago, Terry Fox set out on his Marathon of Hope to run across Canada in an effort to raise $1 for every Canadian to put towards cancer research and awareness.  In keeping with the special spirit of Terry Fox and of our school, our goal is to collect $2 per student.  That is, a Toonie for Terry!  Terry Fox worked tirelessly running a marathon every day to earn money for cancer research and we are encouraging students to do a job or task to earn the money or to donate their own money if they choose.  Everyone is welcome to take part in our walk. Wear your school colors—blue and gold that day!  Details and pledge forms were sent home last week.

Crossings Branch Library Tour – Morning of Tuesday, September 30th

We will be walking from MMH to the Crossings Branch Library (located in the same building as Chinook High School).  Students will receive a tour of the facility, have the chance to explore the space, receive information about programs available for their age level, as well as have the chance to sign up for a library card.  Students who do not already have public library cards were given an application to fill out.  If your child is interested in getting a library card, please complete the application that was sent home and send it back to school with your child.  If you would like to join us on this library adventure, please let me know!

Corn Maze – Friday, October 10th


How exciting!  We are going to tell our students to “get lost” when we take them to the Lethbridge Corn Maze!  Information will be sent out on Friday and students MUST return their signed permission slip in order to take part in this field trip.  This adventure wouldn’t be possible without parent volunteers.  If you are able to join us that morning, please let me know or send back the form included in the information sent home.  We look forward to having you along!

For more information, please visit www.lethbridgecornmaze.com


** Please note that district policy states that students may not ride in the front seat of a vehicle on a school field trip.  This includes vehicles in which the front air bag can be switched off.

Peek at the Week


We continue to discuss first and second-hand data as we learn to interpret and create double bar graphs.  This week students will practice constructing double bar graphs and will prepare to demontrate their understanding of collecting and displaying data.  Your scholar should be able to:

  • Determine the attributes (title, axes, intervals, and legend) of a double bar graph
  • Represent a given set of data by creating a double bar graph, label the title and axes, and create a legend
  • Draw conclusions from a given double bar graph to answer questions
  • Solve a given problem by constructing and interpreting a double bar graph

Students have been learning card games to make practicing their basic facts at home.  If you have a deck of cards on hand at home you can declare addition or multiplication War on your scholar.  They will teach you how to play!  If enough family member are home, then you can play Salute!  On Friday we will complete our final baseline math fact assessment in the area of division.  By now, scholars should have a regular routine for practice at home.  Students will be challenged to improve their speed and accuracy over the coming months.


Language Arts

Students tackled the Top 100 Words Spelling Test this week and were very successful.  The Top 16 Trouble Words have been compiled and were sent home with scholars who are asked to prepare for another assessment on Tuesday.

In our Reader’s Workshop this week, students were challenged to complete a Book Treasure Hunt

We continue to focus on reading comprehension as we work our way through Number the Stars.  Encourage your young reader to practice these strategies during their at home reading routine.


Before reading – I preview the front and back cover. I study the illustrations and headings. I make predictions using clues from the text.

During reading – I stop and use clues from the reading to make more predictions or to change my predictions.

After reading – I check my predictions to see if they came about in the text.


In my mind I see…

This setting looks like…

The characters look like…

I can describe the pictures I create in my head using words and pictures…

Social Studies

Before we take off on our trip across Canada, there are a few questions we will be exploring and reviewing this week:
What does Canada look like?
How many provinces and territories does it have? What are they? Where are they located?
Which bodies of water should we be familiar with before we take off?
Mapping Canada will be our focus this week and next, students will want to check out these neat links to get in some extra practice before the provinces and territories and their capitals quiz in the upcoming weeks.

CG Kids: Map it Canada

Your Child Learns:  Canada Map Puzzle
Take this quiz when you think you are ready:  Canada Quiz